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Fruits and Vegetables: How to Add them into the Diet Easily

By James Patricia

October 20, 2017

fruits and vegetables

It is not easy to change your diet overnight and achieve a healthy diet , but you can add fruits and vegetables to your diet without needing to suffer and deprive you of what you like.

Fruits and Vegetables to Lose Weight

Having a healthy dish is easy if you can include fruits and vegetables. It is even a great way to add color, flavor and texture as well as vitamins, minerals and fiber to your entire meal.

It is well known that not all people like to eat vegetables in their diet, but it is not so difficult to achieve, and there is a world of benefits to eating a balanced diet. You can do it without depriving yourself of the usual, just adding a little color and nutrition to the dishes.

It is recommended to eat about 2 cups of fruit and 2 ½ cups of vegetables per day (this is the same as 5 pieces of fruits and vegetables daily ). Even the World Health Organization recommends consuming them to prevent the onset of some diseases. It seems like a lot, but it's not really that much and easily with a bit of discipline we can add them to our daily diet. Let's see how!

Fun Ideas for Eating Fruits and Vegetable

Each person has their favorite foods, and their eating habits, so this are just some ideas so that according to what you normally eat you can gradually include them:

Add Fruits and Vegetables at Breakfast

Normally you eat in the morning? I know people who prefer milk with chocolate, juice, toast, cereal, egg, among other things and the solution is simple;


What if we remove the chocolate from the milk and add fruit? A mixture of frozen forest fruits, or perhaps orange juice can be added with the fruits you prefer, mango, banana, apple, whatever you crave, the best is that they are delicious and create a satiety effect.

Omelette with vegetables

If you are a breakfast egg, adding a little vegetable is a very healthy and delicious option, you can choose what you like, spinach, mushrooms, onion, tomato, etc.


They are a delicious breakfast, but in addition to maple and butter honey we can add some blueberries, strawberries, mango, kiwi or the fruits that you prefer, your waffles will have more color and better flavor.


Just adding a little fresh fruit will make your breakfast richer and healthier.


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Fruits and Vegetables at Lunch or Brunch

There is always that moment in the middle of the morning, we need a little lunch to recharge batteries and continue with our day, the options are endless, but here are some:


We have all resorted to this option and there is nothing wrong but if we add some vegetables such as mushrooms, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers or whatever you like, whether raw or cooked, you will have a super nutritious lunch and you will feel Satiety until the next meal.


These are always nutritious but the best thing is that you can play with the ingredients to never be bored, you can even mix fruits like apple, strawberry, grapes, mango, etc. and you will add a touch of color and flavor to your salad.

Food or Dinner

In this section there are many options to include vegetables in your dishes, roasted vegetables, stuffed vegetables, it's just a matter of choosing your favorites and start making them part of your life


The favorite food of many and even if it does not look like it is not as scrap as it seems, but if instead of extra meat we add double of your favorite vegetables you will have a delicious and very healthy food. There is a lot of vegetables that you can add to the pizza, it can be broccoli, peppers, spinach, pumpkins, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc., imagination is the limit.

Vegetables garnishes

The combinations are endless, no matter what dish you choose, you can give a cut of meat, fish or whatever as long as it is accompanied with a little vegetable and why not, also some salad to complement.


Those that we can take to work to eat a little between each meal, or at some meeting, we can always have healthy choices.

Mini vegetables

Small amount always have more flavor, they can be baby carrots, grapes, cherry tomatoes, etc., a delicious and nutritious snack.


The nuts alone or accompanied by a little almonds, peanuts or nuts, are a delicious snack and a very simple way to eat healthy.

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Some Additional Tips

Fill half of your dishes with fruits or vegetables, this will make your food healthier and have a satiety effect without eating as much. Cook more at home, so you can choose the freshness of your vegetables and fruits, and you will gradually get into the habit of including them in all your meals. You can freeze already chopped fruits, to have much richer and more desirable shakes in the morning. Keep fruits in sight, they are an excellent snack and you can eat them all day without guilt.

Visit cooking blogs for more ideas for making your own dishes and adding vegetables and fruits.

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