Eat a little bit of everything: Is it beneficial? Myth or Reality

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Surely you have ever heard that no matter what you eat, as long as it is in the right amounts to not affect your health or weight, but, how true is it that we can eat everything? , and if so, how can we be sure that the quantity is right?

Eat a little bit of everything: Myth or Reality Some time ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) revealed the harmful effects that bacon can have on our diet, panic soon made their own, there were those who said they would not try a little more than a gram of bacon for his health, however, it was clarified that bacon could be discouraged more, it was possible to include it in moderation without increasing the risk of suffering cancer considerably.

Our diet can favor our health or, to play against, but not everything is black and white, although there are some foods that have been classified as harmful if consumed in the right balance, should not have a negative impact on our health. Everything seems to indicate, certainly, that quantity does matter, and that if we measure ourselves, we should not affect our health.


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Calories, nutritional quality and amounts

Eat everything, healthy or harmful?

Foods that should be plentiful and which do not

Unhealthy foods and how often to consume them

How to learn to eat everything?


Calories, nutritional quality and amounts

We often relate excess weight to poor health and in this way, we relate calories to excess weight, but did you know that you can be thin and still have nutritional problems?

Calories are the energy that gives us a food, when we ingest them in excess, the body stores them in the form of fat mass causing that health problem that we know as obesity, in theory, if we care or count the calories we consume not Having an excess, we should be thin, but, not everything in the healthy diet are calories.

Nutritional quality is the characteristics of a food judging by the amount of nutrients and their variety, for example, a handful of candies can be rich in carbohydrates and provide the same amount of calories, a regular apple but without a doubt, the second is more nutritionally rich.

Finally, the amount is important, since, some foods with fewer calories can be eaten in more abundance than those that are hyper caloric.

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Eat everything, healthy or harmful?

A very common doubt in nutrition is if in fact, it is possible to eat everything and still be healthy, the answer is yes, but, it is not as simple as that.

The variety in the diet is important, is indeed one of the characteristics of healthy eating, this is because the more food we include in our diet, the more variety of nutrients we get from it.

The problem is that in order to include all foods and that our diet remains healthy, most of our food should be healthy and not the other way around.

Many people have expressed their interest in diets that are based on junk foods but that includes some healthy foods so they come to believe that it is a “healthy” diet, but not enough.

The healthy diet that includes all foods should be mostly of good nutritional quality.


Foods that should be plentiful and which do not

Foods that should be plentiful in a healthy diet are fresh vegetables, the vegetables diet like cucumber, lettuce, radishes, tomatoes, broccoli, and cauliflower, among others. Fruits are also recommended in abundance, such as apple, kiwi, melon, papaya, grapes, pineapple, grapefruit, orange and more.

Meats and proteins like milk, egg, can be included in the diet in moderation and prefer lean ones.

Consume few fats and always prefer those of vegetable origin, while in the case of sugars, they should be avoided as much as possible.


Unhealthy foods and how often to consume them

Junk food, rich in sugars, fried foods and all those foods and preparations that we consider unhealthy can be included in a healthy diet whenever it is done sporadically and in small portions.

It is not convenient to eat a diet rich in junk food or unhealthy foods even if we have perfectly calculated calories, since although we could manage to take care of our weight in this way; we are not taking care of our nutrition.


How to learn to eat everything?

Following the above guidelines it is possible to achieve an adequate nutritional balance, however, it is difficult to determine a general diet that guarantees the nutritional contribution that each of us needs, since, of course, we are all different and our needs may vary.

It is always advisable to have a nutritional advice so that you can guide us about the portions that correspond to us without neglecting our  health or weight. Being aware of the nutritional properties of food and learning to listen to our bodies may be a good idea.