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Depression and Anxiety are Signs of Struggle



Depression and Anxiety are Signs of Struggle

Depression and anxiety are signs of struggle, not fragility. Emotional problems are not a choice, and no one wants to go through a depression or go through moments of anxiety. They can arise as a result of a period of accumulated complicated situations and circumstances. It is often thought that anxiety and depression are signs of frailty and disability in life.

However, a person who suffers from anxiety, depression or mixed symptoms is NOT crazy nor weak or inferior. It is sad and exhausting to have to argue about this but it is a social reality that we cannot deny. So, despite the advances of science, the modern unconscious of society still thinks that emotional and psychological problems are synonymous with fragility and vulnerability.

This is why depression and anxiety do not look like wounds that need attention but as states where we will react in this way: “relax”, “it is not serious “,” begins to forget, life is not that “,” There is no reason to cry “,” Begins to mature “, etc. Does not that talk to you? In fact, it is likely that at one time you were the hangman or the victim of this type of speech. This is why it is important to do an exercise of consciousness and give emotional pain all the importance it has.


So, in the same way that we would not ignore a stinging pain in the stomach or a migraine, we should not ignore the emotional pain.

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We cannot leave emotional wounds without care and we have to work on them and find their meaning, which cause the symptoms. That is, we need to consult a psychologist who helps us and brings us strategies to deal with this great emotional pain, which causes  depression and anxiety . If we follow this example, just like stopping to consume lactose if we realize that we are intolerant, we must stop “consuming” those thoughts and circumstances that infect our emotional wounds.

Bands and patches do not work: we have to wash and sanitize.

In this article, we want to show you that these sensations related to emotional problems are normal. Let’s get to the heart of the matter to understand them and become aware of them…

Woman-anxiety disorder

Anxiety, a disastrous journey on a roller coaster

The sensations we suffer from anxiety are very similar to those we feel on the roller coaster when we begin to feel bad. Let us put ourselves in a situation. We spent the day in an amusement park where there are incredible roller coasters that we have decided to do. For that, we have to wait our turn in a huge tail. The day is hot and the sun hits hard on our head, which causes pain and physical discomfort.

We feel tired and we no longer want to get into the car but we do it because we came to enjoy it. Once we’re inside, our heart begins to beat very hard, everything revolves around us, the wagons make the back salos, we go into dark tunnels and we get attacked from everywhere.

Hand-catcher puppet

Our breathing is accelerating and our heart is racing. We feel that from one moment to another, we will faint. Our sensations are disordered, something rests on our chest, we remain motionless, unable to react. We cannot help but think of negative things. We cry and cry,complain, but no one hears us, not even ourselves and ask desperately that it stops and we see ourselves dying.

However, we cannot stop the car because it stops only when the minutes set for the trip have passed. An anxiety crisis is like an unfortunate journey on a roller coaster. From one moment to the next, it stops but we do not know when or how, then having control over this uncertainty is complicated.


Depression, the darkness of the soul

Who suffers from depression feels that everything is wrapped around fog. Little by little, one loses one’s dreams, nothing animates or motivates us, we have difficulty studying or going to work, and we feel immensely sad or irritable.

The depression is the drop of water that makes the vase overflow , a glass that is at the very top of the situations and complicated circumstances that have shaken us and make us move. That is why it is important that, as soon as we realize that something is wrong, we are consulting a professional to support and bring emotional coherence to what is happening to us.

Having emotional problems is not a choice. A depressed person does not say, “I want to feel bad and I take a little sadness to see if I drown in it. ” It does not work that way. In fact, it can happen to us all.

Female face to a window hanging in the air

No one is immune to the clutches of depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety are not signs of fragility but of strength. These emotional problems do not appear overnight, but are simmering in the hell streaks of life, in difficulties and in emotional exhaustion. Nor are they the consequences of a personal choice. We can not decide whether or not we want them to accompany us.

These two emotional problems stem from the struggle against the difficulties of life that accompany us and from having been so strong for so long. We must not forget that no one is free from anxiety or depression at any time in his life, either directly or indirectly.

Let us pay attention to others, understand these problems and above all, do not judge them.


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