Things not to Say the Person Who Suffering from Depression

Suffering from Depression

Even if we do not know what is happening in a person who Suffering from Depression, we must not question his condition or undermine the importance of this disease. Supporting people who suffer from depression can be a complicated task. It is sometimes tempting to move away from the person instead of daring to tell him things that might aggravate his condition.


Do not do this:

The person who suffers from this disorder needs you more than ever. You just have to keep well-intention sentences in mind that will allow you to make a difference to the person who is dear to you and who suffers from depression. The last thing a depressed person needs is to feel the misunderstanding of others about his or her emotional state.


Here are the sentences that you should never tell people with depression.


“Why cannot you just be happy?” 

Depression causes the mind to totally distort the world around it and fill it with negativity and sadness. Talking about happiness to a depressed person can be totally destructive because it is not capable of conceiving it.

There is no quick fix to depression and insisting that the person changes quickly can reinforce his or her negative feelings.


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“Therapies and medications are essential for those who suffer from depression.”

Depressed people are afraid to ask for help because of the disorders caused by the disease they are suffering from. They are afraid to expose what they feel, because we live in a culture that values ​​only those who are happy.

Taking medication is also a cause of stress because they are the subject of controversy because of preconceived ideas, risks of dependence or side effects. All this causes the depressed person a fear of altering his mind and totally losing his mental health.

It is important to mention the idea of ​​a therapy, but never force a person to take this path. Depressive people need a moment before making this choice.


“You just have to focus on getting better.”

People who are not depressed are not aware of the effects of the loss of physical and psychic energy that this disease causes.

Thinking of helping a loved one who is suffering from this disorder, we may be tempted to tell him that he only needs to get out of bed to travel, to see people and to have fun.

Even though this sentence may sound positive, it increases the despair that can be suffered by depressed people. They are the first to want to get out of their situation, but they do not know how.

Their state of mind, thoughts and behaviors are no longer under their control, especially if they suffer from a severe depression.


“It’s not that bad, other people are in more terrible situations.”

No one wants to be compared to children who live in conflict zones or to people who suffer from serious illnesses. Why would we want to inflict this on people who suffer from depression? Do you really think that this could allow them to feel better?

Those who suffer from depression have psychotic and delirious thoughts. If you insist on comparing them to other people who are in terrible situations, they will feel all the worse.

If your intention can be laudable, you will not be able to help them by uttering these words.


“Everything will be better tomorrow.”

This condition cannot be improved overnight. This excessive expectation can do a lot of harm to people who suffer from depression.

Only those who have ever experienced a depressive episode really know how deeply the pain inflicted by this state is. All is nothing but suffering and despair.

It is only through appropriate medical help that depression can be overcome, but it takes time. Pronouncing these kinds of sentences will only make the condition of the person affected by this disorder worse.


“It is your fault.”

We make judgments constantly based solely on our personal values. But, very often, we are very poorly informed about depression and our opinions can be biased. Depression has always been associated with sin.

This condition would be a punishment for the person who would have broken the laws of the gods. Nowadays, this archaic idea persists, and some people do not hesitate to tell the depressives of their entourage.

This attitude can have dramatic consequences and heavily aggravate the condition of people who suffer from depression.


“Do not be so negative.”

It is difficult to be close to someone who suffers from depression. Its low energy and dark mood can contaminate others, so they tend to move away.

The best way to help a person in this situation is to be in solidarity with her, to give her all our support so that she can find the resources to deal with her problem.


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Depression is a serious problem

No, depression is not only psychological and does not heal in a determined time. Nor does it have any reason to be exact.

Depression causes those who suffer from it to no longer give meaning to their existence because of many different factors, such as family problems, the death of relative or professional failures, among others.

Depression is a daily struggle for those who suffer from it. Keep this in mind when looking to give advice to depressed people, so as not to sink them and try to help them.