December 26

The Best Freshen up Head Protects Your Skin from Chlorine


Skin is one of the most important and largest organs on our body, which is also the most sensitive area from the external conditions, such as UV rays, bacteria, or chemicals. And skin cancer is becoming more common. From the AICR 2015 Cancer Risk Awareness Survey Report, this cancer causes about 2,100 deaths annually even the trend is gradually dropping.

Protect your Skin

To protect your skin from excessive exposure to the sun, you can shield yourself with a cut and use the best freshen up head protects your skin from chlorine. However, how many people know that the relaxing shower that we wash out the exhaustion of the body and mind after a hard-working day can attack your skin health.

As you know, chlorine is used to disinfect pool water because it’s a very reactive molecule, which protects us from other harmful organic compounds, moreover it kills bacteria. The effectiveness of chlorine depends on the levels of chlorine added to the water. The temperature from the hot water can gasify the chlorine water to the gaseous vapor that can hurt our skin as well as other organs.

Although the technology and efforts have been applied to free-chlorine in our water, this way is a cheap but effective way so that we have to deal with the chlorine problem ourselves.

You’re suffering the hurt from the chlorine gas when you’re enjoying your shower time because the chlorine has a low freezing point than water. The chlorine can easily enter into your skin and body to do damage as our pores are opened completely by the hot steamy water at this time.

There are many common skin problems are caused by the chlorine, including skin irritation, patchy dryness even acne. Because chlorine can damage the body cells so that it will cause many other diseases or problems, including asthmatic and skin cancer. On the other hand, the chlorine in the shower can let skin old, dry, dark, and loose. There are many people who are especially vulnerable because of sensitive skin.


The chlorine is a killer; you need to make an effort to protect your body from it. There is a wide variety of approaches and methods for preventing this problem, one of the most effective ways, I believe is using the best shower head with a good shower filter that is specially designed for eliminating the free- chlorine elements, which will not hurt your skin.

You can find so many shower filters on the market; I strongly recommend a Vitamin C shower head, which has been proven as the best way to remove chlorine in your bathroom.


Freshen up Head Protects Your Skin from Chlorine

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