The Best Foods to Reduce Uric Acid

The Best Foods to Reduce Uric Acid

In addition to including foods in our diet that reduce uric acid levels, it is essential that we limit our intake of foods that cause it to rise.

Do you have a high level of uric acid? Do your joints hurt you; ignite, especially in your fingers? It would be ideal, in addition to following the advice of your doctor; you improve your diet with a few simple tips. Do you want to know how can you help delicious fruits and vegetables?

The ideal vegetables to lower your uric acid levels
We all know, sometimes, we feed ourselves badly. We maintain inadequate lifestyle and diet, which cause us great problems in the end. Have you ever wondered how uric acid is formed?
You have to take into account that certain foods make it possible to synthesize in our organism the elements known as pureness, which are food residues such as anchovies, sausages, game meat, liver or certain beverages such as the soda.

Crystallizes and forms small crystals which emerge from the kidneys, pass into the bloodstream and lodge in the joints, igniting them and causing severe pain.
In a very classic way, one finds phenomena in the big toe, in the hands and in the knees. You also suffer from gout, an extremely serious and painful disease. Can you just deal with this problem? Of course!
Follow the advice of your doctor, take the treatment he prescribes, but also think about correcting your diet and your lifestyle. How about trying? What if you start by including some very healthy foods in your diet? Let’s go!

1. Excellent artichokes

This is certainly the best vegetable to reduce uric acid. Its secret lies in its diuretic power, ideal to promote the elimination of toxins and to avoid water retention. On top of that, it brings you many minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. It is a great source of fiber, protein and excellent fatty acids.
What should you do to benefit from the virtues of the artichoke? Simply boil and drink the broth that results from cooking, then eat the artichoke with a small vinaigrette in olive oil and apple vinegar. Simply delicious!

2. Onion, a thousand-year-old remedy

Do not hesitate to consume! If it is used since antiquity to relieve many diseases, why not include it on a regular basis in your everyday dishes? It is a perfect food to reduce uric acid in the blood, which manages to gradually lower the hyper uricemia. Onion also helps reduce triglyceride levels. Incredible, right?
But, do you know what is the best way to enjoy the properties of onion, especially to reduce cholesterol? Cook a few small onions in water. Previously, be careful to peel them and cut them in half. Once they begin to soften, put the water from this broth in a bottle, adding the juice of half a lemon. Drink it throughout the day. A very simple remedy!

3. The delicious squash

Are you a pumpkin fool? This is an excellent habit! Squash is a diuretic vegetable that will eliminate uric acid through a strong production of urine. It will eliminate anything that bothers you and that is harmful to your body. So it’s really worth including it in your diet. Cook it like the previous vegetables. You can also prepare it in the oven. Do not forget to conserve its seeds, and consume them, because they are very healthy.

4. Celery, a medicinal solution

Do you know how can help celery? This vegetable always very tasty, which adapts well to all dishes, has an alkalizing effect that allows us to eliminate the uric acid present in the blood, in a perfectly natural way. It cleans our blood, purifies toxins and is ideal for losing weight. Once again, to enjoy its benefits, boil it in water.

5. The delicious carrots

Another vegetable that should not be missed in the diet of those with high uric acid content is the carrot. In addition to being delicious and integrating with all types of dishes, the carrot has very effective alkalizing effects to eliminate excess purines and crystals that store in the joints. Prepare natural juices by mixing two medium carrots with a beetroot in a blender. You will not regret it!

Do not forget!

Remember that you must eliminate all meat from game, viscera, charcuterie, anchovies, sardines, seafood, etc. Do some exercise and always take care of your health. Gradually, you will feel better.
But, remember to always follow the advice of your doctor, and add in your diet fruits such as cherries, citrus, or blueberries. They are rich in vitamin C, an essential element to reduce uric acid levels.