August 14

The Benefits of Walking Barefoot


Walking barefoot brings us a feeling of well-being and multiplies the benefits, but if we are not used to it, we must start little by little not to damage our feet.

Contrary to what many people think, walk feet bare bring us many benefits in terms of health. Indeed, thanks to this simple gesture we can make work all the muscles of the foot. Of course, the more we do it consistently, the more we strengthen our feet.

When one is not accustomed to performing this type of activity, it must be done with caution. It is therefore very important to carry out a warm-up before to be calm and to begin to feel this feeling of freedom that offers us walking without shoes. We can do it for fifteen or twenty minutes during the first few days.

What is known about this?

Studies in this area have shown that when feet are put in direct contact with the earth, they immediately benefit from a multitude of health benefits for both the body and the mind. As we all know, there are many nerve endings in our feet. Once they come into contact with the earth, we help our bodies eliminate harmful elements such as stress or anxiety.

The most recommended is to be able to do it directly with the ground, or else to walk barefoot in the meadow and in the open air. But for those who do not have this possibility, you can also do it at home, whether the floor is wood or cement.

The benefits of walking barefoot

  • Stimulate the blood circulation, which allows both to obtain better oxygenation.
  • Allow the body to more easily eliminates a good amount of fats and toxins.
  • Eliminate stress, depression, and neurosis, by making our nervous system stronger.
  • Preventing varicose veins. Indeed, when you strengthen the venous system, you get a better distribution of nutrients throughout your body.
  • When barefoot walks are carried out, the pressure is exerted on all the nerve endings that are connected to different organs of the body. This is what allows us to treat some diseases created by the obstruction of these energy channels called the meridians.

There is a therapy called reflexology. The latter consists of releasing accumulated energies that do not fluctuate naturally. If this is the case, then many types of pathology may appear, especially because of a nervous system that is far too disturbed. This release is possible thanks to the pressure of the strategic points that are under the soles of the feet. When walking barefoot without shoes, these points are pressed naturally. We then relax, which of course improves our health. However, this is much more effective when you do this by walking barefoot on the prairie.


Although it is a relaxing therapy rather simple to realize, it is necessary to take certain precautions. Indeed, there may be some elements in the soil that could affect or injure our feet. Likewise, it is essential to start slowly. Your muscles will become stronger and stronger, and you can increase the length of your walks.

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