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Look everything that Oil can do for your Hair


Look everything that Oil can do for your Hair


Oil treatments are a must in our hair care routine. But what is this trend about? What are its benefits? Know why this type of treatment can help you get beautiful and healthy hair, and encourage you to include it in your day to day!

An extra hydration

First of all, we give you a tip: when choosing your hair treatment, opt for alternatives based on flowers and without oily effect. In this way, you will be able to take advantage of the multiple properties of floral oils, without running the risk of greasing your hair. Sounds good, does not it?

Wild rose and tiara flower, for example, are widely known for their regenerative and moisturizing properties and, thanks to some brands that decided to be inspired by them, we have the possibility of knowing its benefits. If your problem is dryness, you know where to look…

Nutrition is KEY

Do you have the tips open and brittle? Does your hair look porous and lifeless? Then, I’m likely to be asking for help.

The hair oils nourish the hair fiber in depth, help close the cuticle, soften and repair the damage. The best of all? Since they do not need to rinse, you can use them whenever you want: before the shampoo or the iron, in the morning, at night or during hairstyle. It only takes a few minutes and REALLY worth it.

Facing Frizz

The treatments with floral oils, like the one of linseed, leave the hair soft, docile, easy to comb and without frizz. Just what we need, right? Ponete 3 or 4 droplets with wet hair or use as a finishing touch after combing, and go!

Protection at all times

As we know, sun, wind and excessive use of iron and dryer, among other things, can seriously damage the hair fiber. However, not everything is bad in life! These treatments are IDEAL to protect the hair from external aggressions: on the one hand, they repair; on the other, prevent.

Shine, shine, shine

In addition, some oils, such as chamomile, lighten the hair naturally. Is your problem a lack of brightness? If so, welcome the treatments with floral extracts.Brand new healthy hair is in your hands. Tell us what you thought of all these benefits of oil, and encourage you to try it!

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