Eat 9 Foods for a Flat Stomach

Flat Stomach


For  a flat stomach we must be patient and mix diuretic and natural foods with frequent physical activity to burn more fat.

Want to have a flatter stomach? Such aspiration, as you know, requires three basic keys: constancy, exercises and good nutrition.

You will not get there in one day, and not in one week. It is after several weeks that you begin to perceive a decrease in volume and a greater firmness, less flaccidity and a few sizes less.

Beyond the physical aspect, it is important to monitor the volume of his stomach for a very important reason: health.It should not be forgotten that a bloated belly is related to a higher risk of suffering from cardiovascular problems. So, it’s worth getting to the pulp and for that, nothing like a good diet.

Today we want to give you a list of foods to eat at your dinners, which will help you get a flat stomach.


  1. Yes to green vegetables for a flat stomach

The fastest way to have a flat stomach is to consume green vegetables every day. But, as you know, at dinner, one must carefully choose his vegetables to avoid digestions too heavy and promote a pleasant sleep.

The best vegetables for dinner are kale, spinach and lettuce. But be aware that if they are too heavy for your intestines, we recommend you steam them.

So they will retain much of their properties and they will facilitate a good rest, especially if you consume a little salad at your dinner.


  1. Olive oil

Do not banish olive oil from your diet and do not be afraid to eat it every day to get a flat stomach. Fatty acids in extra virgin olive oil, such as oleic acid, can help us to strengthen the decomposition of the most resistant fats in our body, especially those of the abdomen. Season your salads with olive oil: your health and your line will thank you.

  1. A mint infusion

Before going to bed, do not hesitate to prepare a good infusion of mint. In addition to acting as a muscle relaxant, mint helps you to purify the body. It is a very powerful anti-inflammatory and a fabulous ally for hepatic health. You can take up to two cups of mint infusion daily.

Remember that the best time to promote your well-being and weight loss is in the evening (because that’s when the liver and its functions are renewed).


  1. Kelp Seaweed

If you have never heard of kelp seaweed, it’s time to discover them. They are appreciated because of their high iodine content and because they regulate our rate of metabolism (the rate at which the body burns fat).

In addition, kelp algae are rich in multiple vitamins, ideal for promoting the decomposition of belly fat and relieving water retention. Get it on the specialty shelves of your supermarket. They will enchant you!


  1. The asparagus

The asparagus is delicious. Consume whatever you prefer, white, purple or green, as they are all excellent for your health. They are full of vitamins (A, B, C and E), as well as minerals such as zinc or potassium, needed to help eliminate excess fluids in our body.


  1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are very appealing and are excellent in dinner, if mixed with a little protein. Tomatoes are full of antioxidants and help us lose weight: they fight against inflammation and retention of water in the body.

Moreover, thanks to the leptin they contain, a type of protein, they regulate the metabolism and give a greater sensation of satiety.

  1. Watermelons

Watermelons, in addition to the water they contain, are very rich in potassium, an essential mineral for the proper elimination of excess fluids in the body.

In addition, watermelons are very rich in vitamin C and take care of our immune system by fighting against inflammations. Motivate yourself to prepare delicious salads in which you can add a little watermelon. You will love !


  1. Cucumbers

Cucumber are actually a member of the family of watermelons and melons. They share the same slimming virtues as the latter.

They are filling, diuretic and full of vitamins. In your dinners, you can cut them into thin slices and serve them seasoned with a little apple cider vinegar.


  1. Artichokes

Artichokes are excellent and ideal for dinners. They are high in fiber, fight against belly bloating, contain few calories, are nutritious and of course, delicious.

Do not forget that artichokes are vegetables that strengthen liver health. Any food that takes care of liver health is ideal for dinners, because as you know, during the night, this organ carries out important tasks of detoxification.

To conclude, if you want to lose belly, it is necessary to be constant and to associate a healthy, varied and balanced diet to exercises.