Did you know all these uses of hair oil? 

 September 25, 2017

By  James Patricia

Have you ever imagined all the uses you could give your hair oil? In addition to using it as a treatment, encourage you to include it in the different moments of your hair beauty routine.

Cannot you think how? So I kept reading and learned how to get the most out of it. A shiny, smooth, and healthy hair are possible (and you do not need thousands of products to achieve it!).

Before the shampoo

Do you want to give him extra nutrition? During the shower, wet it and remove excess water. 4 drops of oil in lengths and tips, let it act for 10 minutes to close the hair fiber. Then you just have to wash it as usual. When you dry it, you will notice a lot, but MUCH silkier.

A MUST if you are going to use heat

It is best to avoid the ironing boards and dryers, we all know … but we are NOT willing to leave them. Do you feel identified? If so, we give you some advice: try to moisturize and protect your hair before modeling it with heat. It’s very simple: apply a few drops of oil and go!

Are you going to die?

If you plan to make a coloration or chemical treatment, use it to take care of your hair. How long before you should start treating it? That will depend on the health of your hair, you can do it the night before or start a month in advance.

The final touch

In case you did not know, it is also PERFECT as a final touch. The result? More shine and fewer frizzes!

As treatment

If you are looking to hydrate and nourish the hair fiber, incorporate it into your daily routine. A few drops in the morning or before bed make a GREAT difference.

The best? You can do it when you want, as it does not need rinsing. Before long, your hair is going to look (and feel!) Much better.

Before combing

In addition, the oil contributes to soften the hair, making it docile and easy to comb. If you are tired of fighting knots, try with a touch before brushing.

To get out!

To make matters worse, it also leaves the hair slightly perfumed and makes it IRRESISTIBLE. When you dance or move, everyone can feel it!

What did you think of these uses of capillary oil? I discovered a new one every day!

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