Clean your Face with Natural Oils: Which Ones to Use and How?

Natural Oils

Natural oils can also be used on oily and combination skin. Simply regulate their use to get all their benefits depending on the type of skin. For a shiny and perfect skin, it is necessary to provide him with the appropriate care.

These oils help us in many ways:

They hydrate the skin. They clean in depth. They serve as natural make-up removers and suitable for all skin types . Natural oils offer all the benefits that are expected of a product for facial skin. These are affordable and easy to use. Many people think that oils increase the oily side of oily skin. But know that this fear has no real foundation. Contrary to what one thinks, natural oils are not only for dry skin but they can also be used on mixed and oily skin.

What natural oils to use?

It is very important to know that the most suitable oils for the skin are plant and essential. In addition, you must make sure that they are as natural as possible. There are commercial versions that have been over-transformed, which greatly diminishes their properties.

On the other hand, be careful to avoid mineral oils because they have not adapted to adult skin. Among natural oils, there are several varieties that you can enjoy. Here are the best for facial care:

Coconut oil

Olive oil

Castor oil

One can also enjoy the benefits of tea tree essential oil , or almond oil, and even mix them.

How to use them?

Depending on the characteristics of each type of skin, natural oils must be used in one way or another:

For dry skin: they can be used in the daily beauty program as a cleanser or make-up remover, and to moisturize.

For normal and mixed skins: the use of these oils should not be more than 3 times per week.

For oily skin: they should be used in the daily beauty program or as a weekly moisturizer.

You can also use natural oils as treatments to eliminate a very charged makeup or as a moisturizer after exposure of the skin to the sun. To do this, simply apply a few drops of your favorite oil on a piece of cotton and clean the area, gently.


Properties of the main natural oils

Even if all natural oils are used to moisturize and improve the appearance of your skin, they do not all bring the same benefits. Find out what you will get by using each of these oils and choose the one best suited to your needs:

1.Coconut oil

It has antibiotic properties that help prevent and fight against skin infections. It helps to preserve collagen and elastin, and thus prevents wrinkles. It is an oil suitable for sensitive skin, because its properties help prevent irritated and inflamed skin.

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2.Olive oil

It helps to heal the damaged tissues of the skin. It is therefore recommended to clear the traces of wounds, marks and scars, while providing hydration and vitamins.

It is a tool to combat the premature aging of the skin, as it helps us to prolong natural elasticity and smooth and smooth appearance.

3.Castor oil

It is ideal for promoting blood circulation, which helps to increase the elasticity of the skin. Furthermore : It reduces dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. It stimulates the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes.

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