Age Spots Removal Home Remedies

Age Spots Removal

Age Spots Removal home remedies to avoid age-related stains !As much as we wish to warn them that if they have already appeared, our diet and skin care are fundamental to improving and alleviating the appearance of skin patches.

With the passage of time, the dermis changes color and some small brown rings appear especially on the face and hands.There are several home remedies that will avoid age-related stains and we give them to you in this article.

Age-related spots: age sign

The changes that occur on the body as we age are undeniable. Among them we can mention the “solar lentigo” also known as “age-related spots”.

This is one of the most frequent signs of old age, but they appear long before: at age 40 they are already beginning to appear on:

The back of the hands

The face



The upper part of the chest.


If they do not have serious health consequences, many people want to avoid them or eliminate them for cosmetic issues.The main cause of age-related spots is exposure to the sun. Even if the human being needs to be in contact with ultraviolet rays to make vitamin C, what is certain is that in excess they can harm the dermis.

To spend many hours in the open air especially in summer, damages the superficial layers of the skin and accelerates the degenerative process.

One of the other triggers of skin spots are photo-sensitizing substances (they are present, for example, in certain perfumes) which cause an allergic reaction by coming into contact with sunlight.There are also people more likely to lentigo because of a genetic predisposition.


How to prevent age-related tasks?

Many women (and some men) are concerned about stains on the hands or face when they have already appeared.

However, it is important to prevent this problem as soon as possible. And from 30 or 35 years, it is recommended to change certain habits to reduce the appearance of these brown brands so unsightly:


1.Do not expose yourself too much to the sun

It is very important to protect yourself from UV rays to avoid damage to the skin. When the sun is very intense (for example, at noon, in summer) it generates light burns on the skin which will turn into spots.


2.Use solar protectors

On the sunniest and warmest days it is recommended to use a cream with a protection factor of at least 30. The protectors for children can also be a great help to us if we are too white or sensitive skin.


3.Use appropriate clothing

In addition to not going out between 11 am and 3 pm in summer, it is recommended to wear clothes covering the whitest areas of the skin (eg the back).


4.Eating fruits and vegetables

Diet is fundamental to stay healthy inside and out. We recommend you consume lots of natural fruit juices, salads, soups, gazpacho and all the recipes you think that include raw and seasonal vegetables.


Home remedy to alleviate skin patches

If the first marks have appeared on the skin due to exposure to the sun or the passage of time, do not be discouraged.


There are several natural Age Spots Removal that can reduce them:

1.Mask with chickpeas

It is easy to prepare and the ingredients can be found anywhere. We recommend that you use canned chickpeas so you do not have to cook them for hours.



1/2 cup cooked chickpeas (150 g)

1/4 cup water (62 mL)


Add the chickpeas to a container, previously washed. Insert the water as you crush them with a mortar. When you have a uniform paste, apply it on the stains (the area must be clean and dry). Allow to stand for 20 minutes until dry. Do not rinse: let fall the dry paste. Repeat this treatment every night.

 2.Lemon juice

The high level of acidity penetrates the skin layers and eliminates stains. This remedy should be applied in the evening to avoid the opposite effect: lemon stain in contact with the sun.

Age Spots Removal is perfect when the first small spots appear. Simply cut a lemon in two and rub it on the skin after you have washed. Rinse with warm water after a few minutes of exposure. If you do not have a lemon you can try with red onions, which offer the same results.


This plant is very effective in removing age-related stains. Do not hesitate to have them at home.


The treatment is very simple:

Open a dandelion stem lengthwise to extract the inside liquid. Rub it on the marks up to three times a day. Do not rinse. You can do the same with the frost inside the stem of aloevera (another plant that cannot miss you).

4.Apple vinegar

You surely have this ingredient in your kitchen. It has effects similar to those of lemon, for its level of acidity.

If you mix it with your usual hand cream (2 parts cream and a share of vinegar) you will get an incredible home remedy to remove age-related stains.

4 drops of almond oil

2 drops of castor oil


Cotton discs

Application mode

Take a cotton disc and pour two drops of almond oil into it. Pass the cotton disc over your entire face by making gentle and circular movements. Start with the forehead and descend on the cheekbones, cheeks, contour of the lips and all areas of the face, up to the neck. Repeat the process again, if necessary, until there is no residue left over at all.

Then clean the area of ​​the eyes: take another cotton disc and pour 2 drops of castor oil and 2 drops of almond oil. Put a piece of cotton on the eyelids until there are no more traces of makeup, carefully so that the oil does not enter your eyes. Finally, apply your favorite moisturizer. Now that you know the benefits of natural oils, you know which one can bring you what you need and how to use it according to your skin.

All you have to do is integrate them into your daily beauty program. You will see that within a few weeks, you will begin to see the results. Remember that you should buy the most natural oils possible.

It is important to buy them in specialty natural stores and avoid those in the supermarket, unless they are organic.