August 13

8 Secret Language Demonstrate That our Body Wants Sex


Having sex more or less frequently can allow our skin to be brighter because the pores open and we eliminate the toxins.

Physiological needs and sexual appetite can be highlighted in our bodies through a series of symptoms that demonstrate the desire to experience sexual contact and live exciting experiences.

The lack of sex affects people physically and emotionally, even if they do not realize it. This human need goes far beyond the pleasure it generates, as it also fulfills an important function in health and well-being.

For some reason, some people try to suppress their sexual desire while others have more ease to express themselves and do not hesitate to live the moment to the maximum when they have the opportunity.

In any case, when people do not have a satisfying sexual experience, their repressed desires become evident and they translate through certain behaviors.

1.Lack of sleep


Do you have difficulty sleeping lately? Sexual activity helps to secrete a hormone known as oxytocin, which is important for enjoying a pleasant and restful sleep.

When a person spends a lot of time without sexual intercourse, she may start having problems finding sleep.

2.Bad mood and stress


Having mood changes in one’s behavior, especially in the work environment, may mean that the body needs sex. Of course, this is not always the reason for stress and bad mood.

However, if weeks and months go by without feeling sexual satisfaction, there is a greater likelihood of experiencing negative emotions such as irritability, pessimism, and other mood changes.

It is important to know that sex contributes to better morale and even if we ignore it, it is a need that should not be repressed.

3.The increase in fantasies


To a greater or lesser extent, anyone dreams or thinks of sexual practices. Generally, it happens at night, or as a result of the stimulation.

However, when these fantasies become frequent and appear at different times of the day, it means that the body is anxious and needs sexual intercourse.

4.Lack of skin shine


It seems incoherent to think that the sexual act can improve the condition of the skin, but it is true. When sexual intercourse occurs frequently, the pores of the skin open and release impurities that tend to accumulate and generate imperfections.

Like any other physical activity, sex facilitates the elimination of toxins through sweating and activates blood circulation. If we notice that our face has lost its natural shine, this may indicate an obvious lack of sexual intercourse.

5.Being less sociable


Stopping having sex can cause social isolation. This is due to decreased production of endorphins, substances that help maintain a good mood, and the desire to be surrounded by people.

6.Physical discomfort


Lack of sex decreases the production of serotonin and endorphins, substances known as the hormones of happiness, and famous for acting as natural painkillers.



It is likely that when one stops having sex, one feels certain insecurity and a lack of self-confidence. Sex is an activity that improves self-esteem and allows both men and women to feel desired and taken into account. Failure to experience this type of experience causes dissatisfaction that can turn into depression, anxiety, and lack of self-confidence.

8. The dangerous feeling of loneliness

Marilyn Solitude

Loneliness can lead to inappropriate decisions, especially when it comes to sex. After expenses much time lacking in feeling the sensation of sex, the feeling of being alone begins to control emotions and can result in the following things:

The idea of ​​calling, searching, or coming back with an ex. One seeks to have a sexual relationship with someone close as a friend or lover. There is a great possibility to feel the desire to have sex with a stranger during a party, especially after a few drinks. These are inappropriate decisions because each of them can have negative consequences, even if this is not always the case.


Secret Language

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