6 Amazing Exercises for Sex

Exercises for Sex

The regular practice of exercises for sex helps us to have a good physical condition, which allows more satisfactory sexual relations. Doing exercises is essential to stay in shape, have a healthy weight and prevent obesity and overweight. Similarly, exercises have a positive impact on sexual development.

Exercises and physical activity increase sexual technique, flexibility and resistance. In fact, experts say that doing sport three times a week promotes good sexual development.

6 exercises to have excellent sexual relations

Practicing these exercises for sex will not only bring you a fit body, but will also significantly improve sexual satisfaction. Discover them and start practicing them:


1.Exercise your rotator muscle

Exercise your’s Muscle Rotator
Exercise your’s Muscle Rotator

Sit on a roll of foam with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Tilt your back to the back, with your right hand on the floor, moving your weight on the right hip, while crossing the right calf on the left thigh. Put your left hand on the left thigh. Use the foot and hand to lean on the ground to begin a rolling motion, from the buttock base to the pelvic bone. Repeat this exercise from top to bottom for 30 to 60 seconds.


2.Exercise the ankles

Exercise the Ankles

Sit on the floor with your legs stretched forward.Put the roll of foam under the thigh, just above the knee and cross the left leg on the right ankle.Put your hands flattened on the ground, to support you, and keep your back in a natural position.Then move your body forward until the foam roll reaches the buttocks, then back to the rear.Exercise for at least 30 seconds and then repeat the exercise with the knee placed under the left buttock.If it is difficult for you to do this exercise with one leg, put the knee under both legs closed.


3. Exercises to strengthen the abdominal area

Exercises to Strengthen the Abdominal Area
Exercises to Strengthen the Abdominal Area

Lie on a mat, with knees bent and soles of feet on the floor. Put your hands behind the head, so that it rests lightly on them, with the tips of the fingers more or less at the height of the ears and the elbows that look outward. Lean your chin towards the chest. Tension the abdominal muscles inward and move forward and back so that the head, neck and shoulders rise from the floor. Hold this position for a moment and slow down. Do two sets of this exercise, for the maximum time you can.


4. Exercises for men to strengthen the upper body

Exercise for Men
Exercise for Men

Put your hands on the ground, directly under the chest, with the fingers stretched and with the tip of the index fingers and thumbs touching so as to form a triangle.Put yourself in the position of pumps. Lower your chest to the floor by bending your elbows . Try to lower as much as you can, keeping your back straight. Raise the chest and repeat the exercise.


5. Exercise with dumbbells to strengthen the chest

Dumbbell Chest Exercises
Dumbbell Chest Exercises

Stand with a dumbbell in each hand and spreading the feet a little more than shoulder width. Lift the dumbbells, each separately, to the height of the shoulder, turning the wrist so that the palm of the hand looks forward. Inhale deeply and lift the two dumbbells over the head until they touch.Take a short pause and lower them slowly. Repeat between 10 and 12 times, in two sets in a row.

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6. Exercises to work the upper legs and hips

Exercise for Legs and Hips
Exercise for Legs and Hips

With a dumbbell in each hand, stand in front of a platform or walk with the feet parallel to the hands. Raise and lower your shoulders to relax and prepare. Slowly put your right foot on the step or platform, keeping your torso straight. Push on the left leg, lift it up and place it next to the right on the platform.Take a break and lower yourself, first the left and then the right, to return to the initial position. Repeat with left foot and leg.Repeat between 8 and 10 times and make between 2 and 3 sets.

Remember that a fit body and strengthened muscles improve the sensations of pleasure. Practice these exercises for sex and      improve your energy and sex life.


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