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5 Essential Nail Care Tips

When it comes to your nails there is nothing worse than not having strong and healthy ones. Do you know what you would look like without nails? First of all your hands would look really funny look without nails and secondly if you ever had an itch you would have to find something else to scratch it with.

These next 5 essential nail care tips will greatly benefit you and your nails. They are meant to help you both strengthen your nails and make them healthier. The most important thing about these 5 tips is that you use them more than just once a month or once a week. Some of these are better to be done at least once per day. Being that you might be new to some of this, I will give you my suggested use on them so that you can try it out and schedule it to best meet your satisfaction.

1.Clean under nails - Daily

This is something that most people don't do. Just because you wash your hands does not mean that you are getting all the dirt out from underneath. What I suggest doing is taking a skinny nail file or tweezers and scraping your skin and nail that is pushed up against your skin. This is good to do at least to loosen the dirt and then wash your hands immediately after in order to eliminate the dirt.

2. Apply Vitamin E - Twice Weekly

Most people have never even heard about how great Vitamin E is for their cuticles, and it is great. Applying Vitamin E is great because it helps moisten your cuticles which will reduce cracking and also promote strong growth. Make sure you apply this by pushing the Vitamin E oil down towards the nail so that you don't pull up any loose cuticles.

3.Stay away from harsh chemicals - Daily

The reason you need to stay away from harsh chemicals such as alcohol and cleaning solutions is because once it touches your nails it will weaken and start to crack the nails. Nails are extremely fragile and the effects of chemicals can dramatically hurt them. If you are going to use these chemicals make sure you wear gloves or when taking nail polish off make sure you wash your hands and nails thoroughly after you apply nail polish remover.

4.File nails correctly - Weekly

Do you file your nails more than once per week? Filing your nails more than once per week is most likely too much because your nails should not grow that fast. When filing your nails you need to make sure you file in the same direction all the time because filing in both directions will make the nails split.

5.Smooth nails - Weekly

Do you have smooth nails? Having smooth nails is important not just for looks but for health as well. The reason you need to have smooth nails is so that dirt won't get under the top nail layer and embed itself into the next layer. Remember all dirt carries germs and infections so making sure you eliminate all dirt is a must.


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