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All about dark circles...


All about dark circles...

The dark circles are the bane of beauty; mine are present and are my best friends. Even with a good night's sleep, they do not disappear ... These areas not very glamour’s given a look tired, sad and are due to several factors!

Dark Circles, why? How?

They may be due to poor congestion of the blood and lymphatic capillaries. The skin around the eye is very fragile, much thinner than the rest of the body. It defends itself very badly against external aggressions. Normally, the epidermis is covered with a hydrolipidic protective film. This film ensures that the skin is always well hydrated but it is almost nonexistent around the eye. 

Even if you have an irreproachable lifestyle, do not smoke, do not drink, your sleep is recuperative, your diet is balanced or you know no stress, you are not safe from its villain’s rings. Indeed, they can be hereditary and in addition we are not all equal on this point. Before you absolutely want to camouflage them under a corrective care why not try to attenuate them with some tricks...

Do not look for hours of care that completely eliminate dark circles. No treatment exists yet, but you can significantly improve their renderings with grandmother methods.... The first thing that one should all do on a daily basis and that is beneficial to the whole organism, c 'is to drink enough water throughout the day. Then eat balanced, neither too fat nor too rich. 

Every morning at sunrise, you can make the gym to your eyes; just make circular movements from right to left and from top to bottom. You will reactivate the blood circulation around the eye area

Perfectly every day, you must hydrate your eye contour before applying an ankle. It is necessary to bring to this very sensitive skin, the nutrients that it needs. Choose your cream with a draining active, vitamin K and retinol, place it in the fridge, its action will be more effective thanks to the cold. 

A small tip that does not cost a penny, place 2 teaspoons in the freezer a few minutes, when cooled, place them on your eyes. You can also place an ice cube in a compress for about ten minutes, massage your outline of the eye, attention, the icicle must never be in contact with the skin, at the risk of burning you. Or even soak 2 cottons of flower water; place them on your small closed eyes. Relaxing moment assured.

Another tip, if you like herbal tea with chamomile, do not throw away the small sachets infused. Make use of congestion for your eyes. Chamomile is a real miracle. As well as cutting 2 cucumber rings to apply them to your eyes for about ten minutes. A mask made of coffee grounds also exists, assemble 2 egg whites in snow. Incorporate the coffee grounds with the eggs delicately. Mix gently and apply the preparation on your dark circles. That's it...

And one last thing, if in your pharmacy, you have cortisone-free hemorrhoid cream. It can also be used to improve the appearance of your dark circles. This cream has for action to stimulate micro-circulation, is the aim to seek to reduce dark circles.

There are also medical techniques that are very expensive. Their purpose is to temporarily eliminate dark circles or fill them with fat injection.

- Injection of hyaluronic acid: suitable for hollow circles. The price of a session is 800 euros for a result that lasts about 30 days.

- Lipostructure: an injection of the patient's own fat in his dark circles (that of your thighs). Recommended technique for very marked hollow rings. Price of an injection 2500 euros.

- Carboxytherapy: is effective for very dark circles. It increases the blood flow. A session is 100 euros but for a good result it is necessary to renew the operation 4 to 5 times.

If all these techniques are not enough to illuminate your eyes. Women possess an ally to hide a tired and circumscribed look. This miracle product is the anti-cerne ... But must it still know the choose.